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Education in Belgium is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 18. Private home education is possible, though very rarely applied.
The level of Belgian education and universities rank among the highest of the world. The other side of the medal is that Belgian students have to study for long periods.
The different stages of education are the same in all communities:
* Basic education (Dutch: ''basisonderwijs''; French: ''enseignement fondamental''), consisting of
** Pre-school (''kleuteronderwijs''; ''einseignement maternel''): -6 years
** Primary school (''lager onderwijs''; ''enseignement primaire''): 6-12 years
* Secondary school (''secundair onderwijs''; ''enseignement secondaire''): 12-18 years
* Higher education (''hoger onderwijs''; ''enseignement supérieure'')
** University (''universiteit''; ''université'')
** Polytechnic (''hogeschool''; ''haute école'')
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