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See: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Bij_twijfel_niet_inhalen

We have the same rule at nl:Wikivoyage--FredTC (overleg) 3 jun 2016 14:35 (CEST)[reageer]

I don't know Dutch language. Let's do it with Common sense. Surely you can explain why you think my photo is worse than the old one, and why you're editwarring because of your old photo. @User:FredTC --A.Savin (overleg) 3 jun 2016 14:39 (CEST)[reageer]
The BTNI-rule says if something is not wrong/incorrect, you do not change it. The Original photo was not wrong, so it should not be changed. And "editwarring" is something you started after my first undo-action that came with explanation. --FredTC (overleg) 3 jun 2016 16:13 (CEST)[reageer]
I do not change anything, as the new photo shows the same motif! It is just so that the old photo has poor quality and lighting, the new photo is quality image on Commons and obviously better lighting. Please do not revert good faith edits. Did you read WP:AGF? @User:FredTC --A.Savin (overleg) 3 jun 2016 16:19 (CEST)[reageer]
You did change the photo that was not wrong/incorrect. So stop pushing your photo on this Wiki-site. --FredTC (overleg) 3 jun 2016 16:25 (CEST)[reageer]
@User:FredTC I'm not willing to repeat myself again and again. Please contact a sysop of your trust to block me, otherwise I don't see any reason to follow your commands. Almost all colleagues accept what I do, some even say "thank you"... --A.Savin (overleg) 3 jun 2016 16:30 (CEST)[reageer]

Your blocked[bewerken]

You did 't want to listen to reasen and you did know the concequences. So you dare us to blok you, as the only way to stop you. See dialog above. --Rein N. (overleg) 5 jun 2016 07:58 (CEST)[reageer]