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Welkom op Wikivoyage!

Hallo! van harte welkom op Wikivoyage! Alvast bedankt voor je (toekomstige) bijdragen. Als je vragen hebt dan kun je die altijd stellen in het Reizigerscafé, maar blader ook eens door de verschillende hulppagina's, het stijlhandboek en het gebruikersportaal. Duik erin en verbeter het project!

Globe-trotter (overleg) 17 jan 2013 18:41 (CET)Reageren


Ik heb jouw bot voorgedragen op Wikivoyage:Aanmelding botgebruikers :-) Globe-trotter (overleg) 18 jan 2013 01:43 (CET)Reageren

Bedankt, ik had wat test bewerkingen gedaan, omdat in het verleden bot's scripts nog niet werkte voor wikivoyage. Carsrac (overleg) 18 jan 2013 18:21 (CET)Reageren


Hello, Carsrac. Firstly, please accept my apologies for writing this message in English as I do not speak Dutch. Just a small problem of which I'd like to inform you about CarsracBot, which I assume you are 'in charge' of.

On the page (en.wikivoyage.org/South_East_England) on the English version of Wikivoyage, the bot is trying to include an inter-wiki language link to the Polish version of a different page (en.wikivoyage.org/westcountry). As I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of how bots work, I don't know whether you are able to do anything about this discrepancy, but I thought I should bring the issue to your attention.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of hyperlinked urls, I think they must work slightly differently on this version of Wikivoyage.

Hartelijk dank, Thundering Typhoons 22 apr 2013 13:40 (CEST) (Thundering Typhoons)

The hyperlinked thing works the same as in wikipedia. I have made the changes. Also I will look at the situation you have indicated. Carsrac (overleg) 7 mei 2013 13:27 (CEST)Reageren
Thanks! I think the situation was actually fixed before you looked at it, and you've deleted links that were actually right ('South West England' is equivalent to saying 'the Westcountry')! The problem with the Polish link was that it linked to a [age called 'South East England' which is a different region. I deleted that and replaced it with the correct link. I have therefore un-done your revision and re-instated the right links. Sorry to have troubled you :-) Thundering Typhoons 7 May 2013 23:15 (CEST) (Thundering Typhoons)
There was still a problem, but that is fixed also. Carsrac (overleg) 8 mei 2013 14:59 (CEST)Reageren
Oh OK, brilliant! Thundering Typhoons 9 May 2013 01:58 (CEST) (Thundering Typhoons)
I have solved a lot of iw problems on other wiki projects for several years so that is why I agree with you. 700.000+ edits made with my bot. Carsrac (overleg) 20 mei 2013 08:31 (CEST)Reageren


How to run a bot on el.wikivoyage.org? --Kolega2357 (overleg) 21 mei 2013 17:26 (CEST)Reageren

Ask permission, wait a week and if there are no burocrats, then ask on meta for the flag. I will do it for us both. And maybe asking for standard bot-policy is also wise. But let wait until we have the local flags. Carsrac (overleg) 28 mei 2013 17:18 (CEST)Reageren

This is another problem that we write Python does not support the Greek language. --Kolega2357 (overleg) 28 mei 2013 19:41 (CEST)Reageren

I never had any problems with operating the pywikipedia bot on el.wikipedia.org it does not display the greek language correctly, but that is not a python problem, but a windows thing. Carsrac (overleg) 2 jun 2013 00:51 (CEST)Reageren


I responded your message from February on the Romanian wikivoyage. Strainu (overleg) 25 jun 2013 10:47 (CEST)Reageren

Dutch phrasebook on it:voy[bewerken]

Thanks a lot for your help! Feel free to come whenever you want ;-) --Andyrom75 (overleg) 15 jul 2013 23:16 (CEST)Reageren